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ECO – Step is an advanced wood flooring adhesive formula, combining a unique 4-in-1-polymer adhesive developed with the professional timber floor installer in mind. It offers more features in one process than most wood to concrete adhesives on the market, replacing the need for multiple products, such as a moisture barrier, ply sheeting and acoustic matting when installing a floor.

If you are looking for a high-performance flooring adhesive, we have created the best there is. The ECO-Step timber floor glue is specially formulated with its unique properties creating a high-strength bond for all timber installation applications.

The Best Glue for Engineered Wood Flooring

Are you looking for high-quality floor glue for your engineered wood flooring installation?

We understand that the right flooring can immensely enhance the appeal of a project or residence. With ECO-Step, we wish to make the process of installing a seamless one for you. The versatile features make it the industry’s leading engineered wood floor glue that will provide an effective installation adhesive system saving you time and money. The elasticity and durability make our wood floor adhesive the perfect solution for all your flooring requirements. Make sure you choose ECO-Step for your floors.

Features of ECO-Step

It is a no-nonsense environmentally friendly wood to concrete glue product with no solvents or VOC’s and offers exceptional heat and cold tolerances (-40º to + 90º). It meets and can even well exceed Australian standards for sound and impact noise control 62Db (any void less cavities, test results may be required) and lastly, it has a timber flex agent allowing the flooring to expand and contract. ECO-Step is in every way perfect to glue wood to concrete walls effortlessly.

The unique bladder package sees a more efficient dispense with less product loss after opening making for a cost-effective alternative to its nearest competitors and offers a superior flex – agent and moisture-retarding capability.

ECO-Step offers a range of benefits and can make flooring installation a faster and smoother process. Whatever be your need, you can completely rely on our timber flooring adhesive solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. With our high-quality timber glue for flooring, you can apply your flooring quickly and effortlessly.

It is our endeavour to offer timber flooring adhesive glue products of the highest standards. The numerous benefits make ECO-Step the most cost-effective wood floor glue available. If you wish to know more, feel free to reach out to us. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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