ECO-Step is a high-performance hardwood floor adhesive which is formulated to yield exceptional results. With its innovative features, ECO-Step can streamline the process of your installation. The superior adhesive capacity makes it the perfect product for all your residential and commercial projects and is also ideal glue for parquet flooring.

ECO-Step is a high-strength adhesive and can enable you to get the job done right. The excellent grab of the engineered wood floor glue ensures a successful installation with a secure finish. Whatever be your flooring needs, you can completely rely on our effective adhesive solution.


A successful installation requires proper preparation of the sub floor. Read and understand all applicable guidelines and technical data sheets before beginning installation.

Follow industry standards and flooring manufacturer’s recommendations for subfloor moisture content, design, layout and application of flooring materials.

All slab constructions must meet the specific BCA requirements for the floor covering to be installed. Sub Floor Examination prior to starting, the subfloor must be checked according to ATFA and BCA installation guidelines. It must be flat, dry, clean, free of divots, loose debris, structurally sound as well as pressure and tension resistant.

When used in conjunction with a 6mm notched trowel a floor moisture barrier is created. Sub Floor Preparation is critical cracks and dips must be filled with suitable fillers unless they are expansion joints, all humps or high points should ground down.

Avoid excessive overuse of ECO Step adhesive thickness by pushing the trowel evenly through the wood floor adhesive at the correct angle of 45 degrees.

Installation should begin immediately laying flooring by dropping the board and meeting the tongue and groove on 45-degree angle directly over the line of the previous board to avoid pushing adhesive between the two boards and creating possible gapping in the flooring.

Adjust the board correctly into position and press down firmly. Do Not Roll ECO Step Adhesive as a method of application. Be sure to check the boards regularly to ensure good contact transfer from Subfloor to flooring. Any bowed or springboards should be weighted down until ECO Step adhesive sets.


When using other products in conjunction with ECO Step Adhesive such as primers, sealers, levelling compounds, or adhesives, ECO Timber Group denies any and all responsibility for any ensuing problems and/or damages without prior written authorization from ECO Timber Group.

In case of an accident, injury, spill or exposure, see MSDS sheet for information. Consult technical data sheet for updated information.

Do not install solid timber below grade. Do not use on concrete with curing agents or sealers. Do not install wood flooring with a moisture content of above 14%. Do not use adhesive as a self-levelling compound.

This adhesive will not prevent moisture-related damages to timber flooring caused by flooding, busted pipes etc., or where moisture conditions are in excess of limitations outlined in the Sub Floor Examination. This adhesive is mold and mildew resistant and waterproof when fully cured and will not dissolve if it gets wet.

However, it will not prevent moisture-related damages to timber flooring unless it is used as a moisture barrier within the limitations set forth in the technical data sheet.

The foregoing representations are based on the results of our most current product and material testing within a controlled environment and are of a non-obligatory advisory nature only. As such, they do not constitute an express or implied warranty of any kind including the Warranty of Merchantability and/or Fitness for a Particular Purpose. Because we have no control over the actual quality of workmanship, materials used and worksite conditions, ECO Step Adhesive AND ECO TIMBER GROUP, will in no event be liable for any incidental and/or consequential damages. Therefore, we strongly recommend that prior on-site testing be conducted to refer to and study the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. With the release of this technical information sheet, all its prior versions become invalid.

If you wish to know more about ECO-Step, feel free to reach out to us. Our experts will be happy to assist you in designing distinctive floors.


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